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Building Tax

Estimated time for completion: 1 Week

For a complicated process such as building tax processing, you need the help of expert practitioners. Our team at NRI Life doesn’t just help you file your returns. Our services cater to any and every need you might run into while you handle your building tax procedures.


  • First, we can help you with the valuation of your property and calculate your tax liability on the basis of the latest tax regulations and rates.
  • Then, we ensure that your returns are filed in completion, with all the right information and details.
  • We also save you the hassle of processing and payment of your tax by having our team do it timely, in the most efficient manner.
  • If you have any disagreements with the authorities on any matters, our team can, on your behalf, discuss the same with them for a professional solution.
  • Additionally, our team will also guide you about any tax exemptions, tax deductions and credits that you can make use of for a more efficient procedure.

350Plus GST


Land Tharam mattal

Converting wetland to dry land, known as "tharam maatal" in some regions, typically involves a legal and administrative process in India due to environmental regulations aimed at preserving wetlands. The specific procedure can vary by locality, but generally involves a long, tedious procedure. Have no worries, our team at NRI Life, consisting of some of the best experts with years of experience in the matter, shall handle this for you, assuring your peace of mind abroad


  • nitial Assessment: We shall assist the landowner or developer to determine the feasibility of converting the wetland to dry land and assess the environmental impact of the proposed conversion.
  • Permissions and Clearances: Our team will guide you to obtain necessary permissions and clearances from local authorities, including the district collector, revenue department, and environmental regulatory bodies.
  • Application: After that, we will submit an application for conversion of land use, providing details of the proposed project, environmental impact assessment, and mitigation measures.
  • Public Notice: We’ll also help publish a public notice in local newspapers about the proposed land conversion, inviting objections or suggestions from the public.
  • Assessment by Authorities: The authorities will assess the application, conduct site inspections, and review the environmental impact assessment report. Based on the assessment, the authorities will decide whether to approve or reject the application for land conversion.
  • Conversion and Compliance: If approved, the land can be converted to dry land; we will ensure compliance with any conditions or mitigation measures specified by the authorities.
  • Registration: Once the conversion is completed, we will help register the new land use with the revenue department and update land records accordingly.


3000 Plus GST

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