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About NRI’s life

Trusted partner for a wide range of NRI services. We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by Non-Resident Indians

We are a team of dedicated professionals with years of experience in assisting NRIs in various aspects of their financial, legal, and personal affairs in India. Our expertise and commitment to excellence have established us as a trusted authority in the field.

What sets us apart


Our team, including legal advisors, financial planners, and real estate professionals, excels in NRI matters, offering updated advice and solutions.


Your satisfaction is our top priority. We take the time to understand your unique needs and work tirelessly to meet and exceed your expectations.


We believe in transparency in all our dealings. You can trust us to provide clear and honest information and guidance throughout our partnership.


We leverage the latest technology to offer efficient and convenient services. Our online platforms make it easy for you to access information and stay updated.

Our best services

Happy customers

  • Will

UK will is not valid in India

We were not aware that our UK will is not valid in India .We received professional, friendly help throughout our appointment, putting us at ease and enabling us to understand and make the right decisions. Its important to understand if you have acquired a different citizenship .

Prince Mathew
  • Will

It was personal audit of my Life

The process and information required is really high , prepared to spend time with the advisers. Its worth it as I was not aware of many things and its an audit of your personal documents. Number of different bank accounts to LIC policies, I am glad that I have a record of everything to pass to my kids.

Chithra Hari
  • Will

I was not aware that I had no nominee in my LIC Policy

It was an eye opener that how bad I was on my legal documents and its records. I have also chosen the Life Inventory service ,so I have every record and document numbers in a single file from my village ‘’thandaper’’ number to bank account/LIC nominee names which I had no clue. Thank you Team NRI Life.

Stephen Lukose
  • Visitor Visa

Experts *** I manged my parents visa over the Phone

The team guided me through the whole process, step by step guidance. stress free service, very impressed. They found be the cheapest in Medical insurance cover to UK .

Baby John
  • Power of Attorney


It was for a property transaction, Step by step process. Documents returned within timeframe. Painless and straightforward process. Guided me till the UK embassy process.

Akshaya John
  • Translation

Aadharam to English

I was worried that my kids may not be able to read all my life changing documents . Now I got a copy of all my adharmas in English and no one going to cheat my kids when I depart.

Raju Mathai
  • Life Inventory

Summery of my Life records

It was unbelievable that a list of document numbers of your life can be more than four pages. Bank Accounts ,LIC policy’s, village records and many other important lists in life.

Tijo Kurian

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