Refund Policy

Last Updated: 22 Nov 2023

In the dynamic service industry, customer satisfaction is our North Star for success. While a happy customer may or may not actively recommend a service, a dissatisfied customer is sure to advise against dealing with a particular service provider.

At NRI's Life, although we are relatively new to the scene, we are unwavering in our commitment to success, understanding that satisfied customers are the linchpin to thriving in the service sector.

Our refund policy for services procured through NRI's Life is governed by the Satisfaction-or-Money-Back Guarantee & Refund Policy outlined below. Additionally, specific services may have their own unique refund policies. In such cases, the individual Satisfaction-or-Money-Back Guarantee & Refund Policy will be applicable in conjunction with this overarching policy unless it contradicts, in which case the specific service policy will supersede:

  • Order Payment and Review: Your payments for orders placed with us are momentarily on hold until our Customer Service reviews the order's serviceability. Payment processing kicks in only after customer service greenlights your order. During this period, you can request changes to your order details. If, upon review, your order is deemed unserviceable, you have the flexibility to amend the order or receive a full refund.
  • Cancellation Policy: Should you have a change of heart and wish to opt-out after placing an order, a cancellation request is welcomed. If the cancellation request is made before customer service reviews and accepts the order, a no-questions-asked full refund will be processed.

    Our standard review and acceptance timeline is within a maximum of 48 hours from placing the order. Once customer service accepts your order, it attains confirmed status. Confirmed orders are eligible for cancellation upon client request or due to other reasons.

Refund Structure:

Refunds for cancellations follow this structure:

  • If an order is canceled at the client's request, NRI's Life will deduct 25% of the order value as a cancellation fee, and the balance will be refunded with in 14 days. Any additional quote amount paid by the client will be refunded after deducting costs already incurred in executing the task.
  • If an order couldn't be completed for reasons other than client-requested cancellation, with in 14 days a refund will be issued after deducting 25% of the order value plus costs already incurred in executing the task. Situations leading to this could include insufficient or delayed documentation/information from the customer, errors/mistakes beyond NRI's Life's scope of work, the customer's inability to follow procedures or requirements, or any other reasons beyond NRI's Life's control.
  • If an order couldn't be fulfilled due to reasons attributed to NRI's Life's performance on the task requirement, a full refund will be provided with in 14 days.

Responsibility and Limitations:

NRI's Life acts as a facilitator in India on behalf of the customer and cannot be held responsible for bureaucratic delays when dealing with government bodies, academic institutions, or external agencies. All tasks are executed on a best-effort basis only. The company's decision is deemed final and binding in such matters.

Any additional costs already incurred in executing your task will be deducted where applicable. The maximum time taken to refund money after processing a cancellation request is 7 days.

Satisfaction-or-Money-Back Guarantee:

Post completion of an order, the Satisfaction-or-Money-Back Guarantee becomes effective. After service provision, if the client feels dissatisfied for any reason, they have the prerogative to request a money-back refund under the Money Back Guarantee.

The window to claim a refund under the Satisfaction-or-Money-Back Guarantee is a maximum of 10 days from the date the order is fully executed.

Should you encounter any issues with our Satisfaction-or-Money-Back Guarantee & Refund Policy or experience delays with your cancellation request, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]